Bob Harper

Animation Director Los Angeles, CA

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It all started out simple enough, working retail and food service. Then there was the adventurous period of the painful and difficult job of pro wrestler. That was followed by stand up comedy, which proved to be even more painful and difficult. Let's not forget the confused period of stage magic, but let's face it, nobody likes magicians. Most recently there was the somewhat successful period of  illustration and product design, followed by a decent career in animation.

All this is to let you know a few things about me. I will try anything once. I have a diverse background. And I have decided what I wanted to be when I grow up -
                  RULER OF THE WORLD!



DreamEast Pictures

Episodic and technical director for an animated show for kids primarily for the Chines Market

Show Runner

DreamWorks TV

Wrote, designed and produced six episodes of Prank Boy for DreamWorks TV GO90 platform

Character Designer

Bento Box

Character designer for the animated TV movie Achmed Saves America created by Jeff Dunham

Animation Director

Annoying Orange Productions

Directed the animation for the mini series The Misfortunes of Being Ned for the creators of Annoying Orange


Wild Brain Studios

Animated on the Ricky Gervais show for HBO.


Current TV

Animated on the show SuperNews!


Cartoon Netwoek

Animation and design for Foster’s Home for Imaginary friends
and design for Evil Con Carne and animator for Power Puff Girls Rule!


Upright Citizens Brigrafe

Sketch Comedy



Animation Guild



Penguin Books DC Comics Nickelodeon Jr. Disney TV Animation Magazine Dave Coulier


Flash Animation Storyboards Writing Character Design Illustration


Flash Photoshop Final Draft Illustrator Storyboard Pro